“He Pops Up On My Youtube Feed A Lot”


Eminem talks about Ty Dolla Sign collaboration.

On New Year’s eve, Eminem made an appearance on Shade 45 radio where he discussed his “MTBMB” Side B songs with Gray Rizzy. At around the 6:30 mark, the host asks him about the features of the project, especially the Ty Dolla Sign one. “We got a lot of new talents that are on this right here on “MTBMB” Side B. One of those people is Ty Dolla Sign, I think a lot of fans are excited to see you two come together, but my question is how did you two collab, what made you want to work with him,” asks Gray.

Well, I’ve been a fan of Ty Dolla Sign for a while now,” says Eminem. “He pops up on my youtube feed a lot, cause I’m always looking at what’s new, what’s out, sh*t like that, so a lot of time his videos pop up. But the one that really caught my ear, like sealed it for me, was the ‘All Mine‘ joint that he did with Kanye. Where he was singing the falsetto sh*t, It was so crazy and I was like yo I gotta have him, but I had to have the right song first before I approached him with it. Yeah man, he’s nuts, his f**king harmonies he does and sh*t. Like it’s he’s out his mind.” Watch the interview below.

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