A revenge po rn victim has told how she was left humiliated when her ex-boyfriend posted explicit photographs of her on ..

Twisted Richard Crabtree, 34, put na ked pictures of Ella Robinson, 23, online after when their break-up became acrimonious.

Crabtree also sent Ella threatening messages before posting the photographs on social media and sending them to another of her former partners.

Care home worker Ella, from Solihull, said: “I felt disgusting. I didn’t want to leave the house when it happened.

“It was awful knowing that private pictures of me had been posted online.

“I was very vulnerable at the time. He was harassing me constantly and sending me horrible messages.

“It was all because he just didn’t like the fact I had split up with him.”

Crabtree pleaded guilty to harassment and disclosing a private sexual image at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court. He was ordered to carry out 20 days community service.

But mum-of-three Ella said she was shocked by the sentence and believes he should have been sent to jail.

She said: “I’m absolutely appalled. It’s not enough for what he’s done.

“The whole thing has really affected me physically and mentally – mentally more than anything.

“I had trusted him and didn’t know what he was capable of.

“I probably won’t be able to trust anyone properly for a very long time.”

The couple first got together after meeting at a nightclub in Solihull in May last year and dated for seven months.

Ella broke up with Crabtree just before Christmas last year, which is when the recruitment worker began posting the explicit pictures, which had been taken while she was drunk.

Although the explicit photos have been taken down, other images of the pair together during their relationship are still on Crabtree’s . page.

Ella said she now fears she will bump into her ex-boyfriend, who lives nearby.

The new law on revenge porn came into effect in April this year in the UK. It makes it illegal to disclose private sexual photographs or films without the consent of the individual who appears in them, and with the intent of causing distress.

A maximum sentence of two years imprisonment can be given to someone convicted of the offence.



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