Let me just try and go straight to the point of my headache. My problem is between a young guy and an advance man. I have this guy I’ve been dating for like two years now and he works in a bank here in the city but I can’t seem to remember the last time he gave me any reasonable money. He always complain that his salary is small and even when he comes to my house and we make love, he doesn’t last, he always rush it.

He can’t satisfy a woman in bed, all he knows how to do is gbu gbu, gba gba and that’s all…

But I met this advance man last October who is married with just two children. He said he loves his wife and do take care of her but he needs me on the side. I accepted and I’ve been enjoying him since then.

He gives me enough money and, more importantly, he makes love to me in a special way not like that my rush rush boyfriend. We even travel to vacations together. Three weeks ago he proposed to buy a house for me to stay in the city and forget about my small business and my not so poor boyfriend.

Please, sincerely, what do you guys think I should do? Should I dump my boyfriend and move on?


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