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Help! My Mother-in-law Will Not Allow My Husband to Sleep in Our Bedroom – Frustrated Woman Cry Out



A woman who has passed through some really hard times at the hands of her mother-in-law, has cried out for some help on social media.

The woman shared her story on break_or_makeup telling stunned readers about her experience with her mother-in-law.

According to her, her husband brought his mother to their home because she was ill and he wanted to cater for her well enough. However, the older woman is now making life difficult for her.

She revealed that her mother-in-law has been taking away her husband from her every night for some months. She would begin to cry at night claiming she had a bad dream prompting her husband would then leave her bedroom and go to his mother and stay there all night.

Clearly frustrated, the wife complained to her husband but the man brushed her aside leaving her even more frustrated.

As a last move to save her marriage, she then accused her husband and his mother of sleeping together with the hope that it could lead them to stop spending so much time together but the whole thing backfired heavily.

Below is how she told the story:

.: Tori

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