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Help Your BFF Get Over Heartbreak With These 3 Tips



Before you start planning how to help your best friend get over her breakup with her boyfriend, keep these things in mind when it comes to how YOU should handle HER breakup.

1. Listen, listen, listen!

She needs you more than ever now. And basically she just needs you to sit there and SHUT UP. Share empathy with her and support her—let her get it all out. But under NO circumstances should you give her advice or suggestions

2. Let her know that it takes time and that’s okay.

Getting over a broken heart doesn’t happen from one day to the next – nor one month to the next. It is a journey that takes time. Don’t nag her after two months that it’s time to get over it.

3. Be a positive distraction.

This is an emotional emergency. So get ready to . doc and be on call at all times. Do fun things together, like take a workout dance class – go to the movies together, but Just don’t FORCE her to do anything she isn’t ready to do.

Remember, you’ll get your partner in crime back eventually. And when that happens—the world better watch out. You’ll both be unstoppable as a dynamic duo.

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