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Here Are 7 Reasons We Love The ActressZUMI



Dakore Akande is a year older today, and there are so many reasons to celebrate this queen who seems to be ageing backwards.

We’ve been a fan of Dakore Akande since she stole our hearts in the early 2000s with her movies, and as the years go by, we have more reasons to love her.

We shouldn’t even be telling you why she should be your WCE, you should know by now. However, it’s her birthday so we are sharing our list.

Here we go:

1. She sabi the work!

As an actress, Dakore is selective of her roles. She is so good at what she does that it’s impossible to take your eyes off her films.

From her performances on stage to her roles in film or TV series, she always kill it!

2. She is gorgeous

It doesn’t matter if she’s rocking a heavy or neutral make-up look, Dakore just doesn’t have a bad look day. She is also impressively photogenic. You should go check out all her magazine covers!

Dakore Akande

(Photo: Instagram/DakoreAkande)

3. She is fashion inspiration goals

When it comes to looking flawless on the red carpet, Dakore nails it every time. We don’t know how she does it, but she totally embodies simple elegance with her outfits.

4. She is fit!

How is it possible to look this good at 40? Dakore is so fit it’s inspiring! We consider her a role model for what you can achieve when you’re determined.

Dakore Akande

(Photo: Instagram/Dakore Akande)

5. Her natural hair game is to die for!

Dakore’s natural hair game is so much on fleek! Perhaps, we should slide into her DM for tips on how to preserve our edges and glow with a natural hair.

6. She is also a singer

We bet you didn’t know, but Dakore is also a singer. She had her first major performance as a singer at the prestigious Royal Festival Hall, as a backing vocalist.

We’ve heard her sing, so take it from us guys, she can sing! Also check her out in the clip below:

7. She knows how to make a comeback!

In 2006, she took a break from Nollywood for personal reasons. Six years later, she made a comeback with one of our favorite Nollywood films ever, Journey To Self.

Her absence clearly didn’t reduce her star power, and since her return, she has been giving us back-to-back blockbusters!

Happy birthday to a queen. And hey, If you’re a huge fan of the actress, you should totally binge-watch her latest work ‘Castle and Castle today!




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