Here Are 7 Steps to Real Sexiness



Who do you think of when you think of sexy? I often think of super models, pop stars and Hollywood icons. But I also think of everyday people in my life who have figured out how to be truly and completely sexy without baring their bodies and selling their souls. Here’s how:

1. Love your body

This is oh so hard! We all struggle with insecurities and measuring up to our vision of beautiful. But the sexiest people learn to love their bodies. And yes, it is a learned process.

2. Own your quirks

Maybe you have crazy hair you can’t control. Maybe you’re super tall and curvy. Or maybe you’re obsessed with wearing Hello Kitty. Whatever your quirk is, OWN IT! Never be ashamed or embarrassed by your natural features and the things you love. Your quirks make you unique, and nothing is more sexy than confidence in the things that make you different.

3. Dress like YOU

Please don’t try to be someone else. Be YOU and dress like YOU.

4. Take control

There’s nothing sexier than a woman who is in total control of herself. Intentionally decide that you will take care of your body. Eat in a way that’s healthy for you. Balance your diet and exercise so that you look and feel how you want to.

5. Be good to people

When you master the art of balancing confidence and humility, your level of sexiness sky-rockets! There is something very sexy about grace, dignity and respect. Putting others down will never raise you up. The sexiest people love themselves but also build, encourage and love others. They remember what it’s like to deal with insecurities, fears, and struggles and empathize accordingly.


Every once in a while throw some spice into your routine and wardrobe. Mix it up and surprise people – a form-fitting dress, red lipstick, slick shades, high heels, a cheetah-print onesie… Sexiness is all about surprise and spice.

7. Get smart

The sexy ones are the smart ones, it’s true. Ignorance and obliviousness are not attractive. But intelligent conversations, hard work, and ambition – that is.


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