In 2017, when we found out Shonda Rhimes was leaving ABC, the longtime home of Shondaland for 12 years, we were shook!

For years, Shonda Rhimes has been popular for her #TGIT Thursdays on ABC, a special day for her addictive shows such as Greys Anatomy, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, and others.

Shonda Rhimes Netflix

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When we found out Shonda left ABC for Netflix in a deal reportedly over $150 million, we screamed ‘Yass!’. However, the best part of this move is that she is working on eight new shows for Netflix, and all of them will champion women both in front and behind the camera.

With the support of her partner Betsy Beers and the Shondaland production team, she is creating an exciting lineup that covers everything, from fiction to non-fiction.

Shonda Rhimes Netflix

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Here’s a look at the eight new series the queen of primetime TV is working on:

Based on a nonfiction book, it tells the story of Ellen K. Pao, who sued Silicon Valley venture capital firm for discrimination and retaliation against women and other underrepresented groups.

Gather round all fans of Julia Quinn, The Bridgertons book will become a series in Shondaland soon! In case you don’t know, the novels are set in Regency England and follows a  high society family, their romantic and political drama.

Spoiler alert! This one is a period drama with a feminist twist.

In case you’re not yet a big fan, here’s a look at some of the shows created by Shonda Rhimes at ABC:


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