A drunken man sleeps, 29 August 2007, on a table in one of the public tavern in Upington in the Northern Cape, South Africa. The now defunct “dop system” whereby farm-workers were paid with alcohol rather than cash has left many dependent on drink, while the erstwhile phenomenon of males-only mining hostels also contributed to a boozing culture in the province. Farm-workers confess to spending most of their meagre monthly wages on booze, and many a violent crime is committed in drunken bravado. At most liquor stores, you can buy a plastic bottle of dry white wine for 11 rand (about 1.55 dollars) and a five litre foil bag of the same for less than 50 rand. AFP PHOTO/GIANLUIGI GUERCIA

Have you been obsessed with beer and are wondering what will happen if you stop the habit? You need to check this out.

It is an important part of our daily lives. This is why after work or during weekends, you see them at a hotel’s lounge chatting away with friends while downing bottles of alcoholic beverages.

For those who don’t take alcohol, they find it difficult to blend in socially. This is because it will be awkward for them to down non-alcoholic drinks amidst bottles of branded alcoholic drink. Hence, it will be difficult for many to stop drinking alcohol.

For those finding it difficult to stop, . Travel, points you to five things that may happen to your body when you stop drinking alcohol. At least if you cannot stop, you can take a break from drinking alcohol even if it’s for a couple of weeks.

1. You will lose weight 

Alcohol-beer, wine, and cocktail drinks have a significant amount of calories. These calories have next to nothing effect on the body. If you cut down drinking alcohol, you will begin to lose weight effortlessly without necessarily making any lifestyle changes.

2. You will sleep better

Booze can make you sleep but not possible for you to sleep soundly. Hence, avoid drinking alcohol before going to bed so that you can get quality sleep for you to perform 100% the following day.

3. You will stop overeating

According to research, a big driver of eating too much is alcohol because it heightens your senses. As a result, you may eat beyond what your stomach can accommodate.

4. You will save money

No matter the cost price of alcohol, Nigerians will always buy. Crates of different alcoholic drinks are always available in parties, clubs, and homes. If you want to save a good amount of money, cut your alcoholic intake. If you can, you can calculate the amount you spend on alcoholic every weekend.

5. You will be healthier

Alcohol increases your blood pressure, can damage the heart muscle and potentially plays an important role in different stages of cancer. Abstaining from alcoholic will make you healthy.

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