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Here Are Some Creative Ways to Wear Something Old At Your WeddingZUMI

We are all for brides that want some traditional luck by wearing something new, something old, something blue and/or something borrowed at their weddings. We also think that wearing something old at your wedding can be fun and creative.

Put a modern twist with these ways to wear something old at your wedding:

Vintage wedding gown

This is a great way to wear something old. You can wear a wedding dress that has been in your family and just modify it a bit to fit into modern standards. Try some Victorian gloves or frills for a truly vintage look.

ways to wear something old

(Photo: Instagram/Black Brides Daily)

Old jewellery for the bouquet

You can wear an old family heirloom, or for a modern twist, add it to your bouquet. Depending on the design of your bouquet, you can either add it to the main floral piece or to the handle.

ways to wear something old

(Photo: Pinterest via I Love SW Mag)

Old pearls for your hair

Wearing your mum or an older relative’s pearls is a great way to wear something old. You can, however, put the pearls in your hair instead for a stylish and modern twist.

ways to wear something old

(Photo: Pinterest via Divalocity Tumblr)

Old family bible with wedding rings

If you’re a Christian, you can tie the wedding rings on an old family bible that has been around for a long time and the ring bearer can carry it down the aisle. That’s your family history walking down the aisle with you.

ways to wear something old

(Photo: Pinterest via Stylemepretty)

Not new shoes

While this will save you the stress of having to break into new shoes for your wedding, it is also a fun way to wear something old and save some cost on buying wedding shoes. Raid your mother’s shoe collection for some inspiration!

ways to wear something old

(Photo: Instagram/Jesse On Lens Fotografi)

While you’re being creative with something old at your wedding, here are fun ways to wear something blue!

Featured image: Pinterest via Divalocity.tumblr.






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