Federal government kicked against POST UTME screening exams which were normally conducted by the higher institutions. A new grading system has been developed, thus no written examination would be conducted by the institutions. This would curb the extortion of students by institutions and also enhance a fair scoring system.

Here is how the 2016/17 Post UTME Screening scores will be determined.

A. Number of sittings for O’Level
1) One Sitting = 10 marks
2) Two Sittings = 3marks
Total marks obtainable = 10marks

B. O’Level Result Grading from 5 subjects
A (A1) = 6marks
B (B2, B3) = 4marks
C (C4, C5, C6) = 3marks
Total marks obtainable = 30marks

C. JAMB UTME Score Grades
180-200: 20-23 marks
201-240: 24-31
241-280: 32-39
281-330: 40-49
331-400: 49-60 marks

Total marks obtainable = 60marks

The overall is 100%. JAMB and the institution then determines the percentage cut off mark for each course.
So start calculating your score now.


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