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Here’s How To Save Money As A Wedding Guest This YearZUMI

We know that weddings are fun…and there’s food, but what do you do when it seems like all your friends are getting married at the same time and your bank account is looking you with side eyes?

When you factor in the cost of attending a wedding, it’s enough to give anyone second thoughts. Clothes, make-up, transport, aso ebi, the shower…where does it end? We’re all about not stressing ourselves this year, so let’s tell you how you can save money as a wedding guest.

Buy gifts in bulk

You can get a set of gifts in bulk and give to each friend at their wedding, so you don’t have to spend a lot each time. It also saves you the hassle of thinking of gifts to buy. Alternately, you can chip in with other friends and contribute to buy a big gift. You’ll spend less than if you went to get a gift yourself.

Re-wear or swap dresses

You can re-wear clothes you have worn before, try to spice them up by accessorising differently and adding new touches here and there. In case you don’t know, this is how to re-wear clothes at different weddings. You can also swap clothes with close friends and show up slaying every time.

save money as a wedding guest

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Attend weddings close to you

You don’t have to attend all the weddings you’re invited to. You can choose to attend only weddings that are easily accessible to you to avoid incurring extra transportation costs with out-of-town weddings.

Split the bill with friends

If you’re not attending the wedding alone, that’s a great opportunity to save money as a wedding guest. You can travel in a group with other guests, rent rooms together and split the bill.

Turn down aso ebi

Another way to save money as a wedding guest is to turn down aso ebi. You can always go for the wedding dressed in the couple’s designated colours instead. We’re pretty sure your friend won’t mind if you let them know why.

Do your own hair and makeup

In this era of professional make-up for bridesmaids and even guests at the wedding, it means extra costs. If you happen to be on the bridal train, you can choose to do your hair and your make-up yourself instead of paying the bride’s vendor.

save money as a wedding guest

(Photo: YouTube via Dimma Umeh)

You can attend weddings without draining your account, and we’re here for that this year. If you’re looking for style inspiration for that next wedding, Sharon Ooja’s closet is the place to go.

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