Here’s How To Show Up At Every Wedding Like Her.ZUMI

Here’s How To Show Up At Every Wedding Like Her.ZUMI
Rita Dominic style

We all know that Rita Dominic has a wedding guest style that is absolutely goals! And instead of waiting to be like her when you grow up, we know how you can step out for your next owambe, Rita Dominic style.

Here you go:

1. Don’t be basic

Choose an outfit that will wow every fashion designer on the planet, even the one who made it.  You can do this by checking out our weekly wedding guest inspiration styles.

Rita Dominic style

(Photo: Lumi Morgan)

2. Be bright and colourful

Be bright and lovely in feminine and chic colours. Try not to overdo it, because .ing with colours can be tricky sometimes, but by all means shine bright like a diamond.

rita dominic style

(Photo: Akhidenor Ernest)

3. Get a superstar hairstylist

It doesn’t have to be a celebrity stylist but it has to be someone that has been tried, tested and trusted! You can already have a great hairstyle on your mind or saved from Pinterest. Being like Rita Dominic is no joke but it’s within your reach.

4. Serve sauce with your face like you’re hot peppersoup

Yes o, hot pepper-soup!  Don’t act like white rice when you’re jollof rice. Serve sauce with that face and let them know you didn’t come to .. Rita always has the perfect expression and a face beat to match. Do your own too.

Rita Dominic style

(Photo: Instagram/Rita Dominic)

5. Perfect your pose

You can’t rock it like Aunty Riri if you don’t have the right pose. So put on all your confidence and grace and work it baby!

Rita Dominic style

(Photo:Instagram/Rita Dominic)

Now that you know how to show up the Rita Dominic style, check out why Tania Omotayo  is chill wedding guest goals!



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