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Here’s How To Use Lemon For Hair Growth & It Works!



Lemon for hair is a thing! And it’s raved because it absolutely works.

Using lemon for hair is loaded with benefits that includes stronger hair, reducing breakage and a shine that says healthy. Lemon is absolutely brilliant ‘thing’ for beauty and skincare (but of course you know this right) it works for skin, hair and the overall body, the reason your warm water and lemon rocks for early morning hydration.

But for hair growth and shine that will leave you an enviable babe especially when you decide to leave your hair to breathe, you should definitely be trying these two DIYs out. The best part? It both works on relaxed, texlaxed and natural hair!

Use Lemon Juice +Egg + Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Mixing all of the above is rich in protein and intensely moisturize making the hair thicker and stronger!


Beat an egg, add extra virgin olive oil and fresh juice from half of a lemon

Massage the mix into the scalp and the hair as well

Let sit for a few minutes to dry and then rinse off with lukewarm water

Use Lemon + Fresh Aloe Vera gel


Aloe vera locks in moisture and is great for hair growth while lemon helps keep hair strong avoiding breakage


Mix fresh lemon juice with fresh aloe vera gel

Massage into the scalp and hair gently

Leave this in for about an hour and rinse out with lukewarm water

We can tell you for a fact that these tips work! Would be trying any out?

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