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Here’s How To Write OneZUMI

You left the interview feeling like you crushed it and blew the minds of the interview panel. Cool. Sometimes, you don’t hear from those guys as soon as you’d expect. It’s perfectly okay to send an interview follow up email, just to remind them.

The interviewers are probably busy people, so you shouldn’t send an interview follow up email just immediately after your interview. You should only think of sending a follow up email when you were promised a response by a certain date and that date has passed.

Interview follow up email

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1. Be specific

Your email subject should be very specific on what you’re sending the email for, or your email might remain unopened. The person you’re emailing probably has received a ton of email from other people as well. Your email subject title could be something like “Re: Interview For Managerial Trainee”. That’s specific, and mentions the role you’re applying for. It also refers to a previous conversation, and makes the receiver curious enough to open it.

2. Be polite and refer to the interview

The recruiter is not your Instagram pal, so, no abbreviations or slang. Use proper English, and check with Grammarly if you’re still not sure about what you’re writing. Also, do your best to refer to the interview, especially if you feel like you connected with the interviewer. Refer to something remarkable they (or you) said. If nothing exceptional happened, just thank them for their time during the interview and move on.

Interview follow up email

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3. Tell them you’re suitable for the job

From your understanding of the job description, you should let the recruiter know that you’re a very suitable fit for the job. Emphasize your skills and/or experience that makes this possible, and round up with how you’re very interested in working with the company.

Tip: Send your email in the morning before the person’s inbox is over flooded.

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