It is a lifetime of worry she subjugates herself to for want of a better body that is as pleasurable to her as it is enviable to fellow women and men alike. But instead of fretting over a figure that is unattainable and torturing yourself with strict diet routines and rigorous workouts, it makes more sense to know whether or not your weight is right for your frame. Don’t just copy someone else’s workout and diet routine because it works for them, you need to know what works for your body structure and if you are overweight at all.

Never try to copy those models on the ramp, all skin and bones, be realistic and practical, love your curves, learn to workout to tone your body and rid it off the excess fat, and not aim for a reedy, unhealthy frame just for your clothes to fit you better.

To make life easy, here’s a guide for women that suggests the ideal weight as per her height and shape, and most importantly her age. This will help you plan your weight loss and diet routine more effectively. Take a look.

Two extremes: People with fit and toned bodies, and then there are those with flabby bodies


In such a scenario how is one to decide what is the ideal body weight and shape?


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In reality, your ideal body size is a result of several factors such as your weight, age, height and finally your body mass. 


.: OnlineDoctor

Women, here is the ideal weight and height sheet. 

ideal weight and height chart

But one should also remember that women with the same height can have diametrically opposite body structures, and hence different body weights. 


We decided to not factor in unhealthy skeletal models found in fashion magazines for obvious reasons! 




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