There are so many wedding vendors in Nigeria now that you can get overwhelmed and not know which one to choose. The success of your wedding depends largely on the vendors you choose because you don’t want a caterer who doesn’t show up with food or a makeup artist who turns your face into a child’s colouring book.

That’s why it’s essential for you to shine your eyes when you’re choosing vendors. So what exactly should you look out for? We spoke to top wedding photographer, Klala, who has years of experience in the business, and he had this to say.

Wedding Photographer, Klala Talks To ZUMI About Nigeria’s Million Dollar Wedding Industry

“In choosing vendors, don’t get carried away with what you see on social media. You need to know your vendors very well. Some of them start well but don’t finish well. Some just jump into business while others are really interested in the business,” he said.

“For some photographers, they don’t deliver the work on time, some wedding albums haven’t been delivered for the past two years. Some people get their album after having their second child. Some photographers just know the art of photography, they don’t know the business aspect,” he added.

So when you’re choosing wedding vendors, make sure you do your research. Don’t just pick someone off Instagram just because their photos look good.

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Before you go, here’s some advice from Klala on what every bride should do before and after her wedding.


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