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Here’s why Ini Edo Thinks Men Are Dating Women For MoneyZUMI

In an interview to promote her new movie she co-produced, Ini Edo shared her thoughts on men dating for financial benefits.

Ini Edo sat down with The Sun to talk about her upcoming movie, Heaven On My Mind which she co-produced with Uche Jumbo. One juicy part that caught our eye was the inspiration behind the film – men who date women for money (Sugar Boys).

Men of these days are not what they used to be. But the issues are not addressed. Nobody is talking about it. That’s why Uche Jombo and I took that up and made it the theme of our new movie.

Ini Edo Thinks Men Are The Ones Going Into Relationships For Money Now

(Photo: Instagram/Ini Edo)

In our society, people typically attribute women’s successes to sugar daddies and aristos – that sour gist of Mercy Aigbe’s mansion is still fresh in our memories. Nigerians judge Runs Girls harshly while praising men who emgage in similar activities as Sharp Guys. 

Nevertheless, Ini Edo wants challenge that stereotype in her new movie. According to her, women no longer depend on men for money and are now running small businesses to make ends meet,

Speaking about how men of this age are adopting the lifestyle of using relationships as means of securing the bag, she said:

For some men, their job is to move around from one woman to another for money. It’s like a full time job for them and nobody is addressing the issue. Don’t get me wrong, not all men do it, but some of them.


Ini Edo Thinks Men Are The Ones Going Into Relationships For Money Now

(Photo: Instagram/Ini Edo)

Meanwhile, the movie Heaven On My Mind will be in cinemas on December 7 and we can’t wait to finally see how these issues are tackled.

Do you agree wit Ini Edo about men entering relationships for financial benefits? Tell us what you think in the comment section!






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