Is it normal for a partner to fall asleep just after having s ex, and does the fatigue sometimes lasts for more than 24 hours? What can I do to make him more resistant?

Many women still seek the answers to these questions. Is it abnormal to fall asleep after intercourse? Not at all. The tiredness that appears after intercourse is a natural reaction of the human body to the effort it has made.

But most times, if a man does not cuddle up with his woman after he has had s ex, and if he does not talk and if he simply lays on his back and goes to sleep, it is natural for a woman to jump to conclusions, thinking her partner is simply not satisfied.

Their beliefs are wrong. Here are some real reasons men fall asleep after intercourse:

Fact #1 s ex during the night, especially when the human body is already tired, becomes the first argument for the state of sleepiness that occurs after having s ex. The actual intercourse does not even have to be very ‘solicitating’. You should keep in mind that s ex, by its nature, is very relaxing.



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