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He’s jealous of my first husband!



Dear Bunmi,

A few months ago, my daughter had a baby – my first grandchild – and I’m desperate to spend time with them.

But she and her husband currently live with her father in the boys’ quarters as they couldn’t get accommodation to suit their incomes.

The problem now is that my current husband isn’t happy about me visiting my ex’s house.

He’s even grumpy if my daughter brings the baby round to our house.

How can I see my grandson without upsetting my husband?

Becca, by e-mail.

Dear Becca,

It looks as if your current husband is not happy with you seeing your grandson as it reminds him you had a life before you met him.

If he loved you, he’d accept your past and be fine with you seeing your daughter and her new family. I don’t think he has your interest at heart. You need to spend time with people very close to you.

So I would risk the tantrums. Put your foot down and do just that. If your husband doesn’t love you enough to support you, then you’re well rid of him.

Excessive jealousy is often unreasonable and destroys relationships.


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