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He’s Leading You On if He Does All These ThingsZUMI

Almost every girl has been in a situation where you seem to have gotten yourself a potential bae but you can’t shake the feeling that he’s just leading you on.

There are a few ways you can tell if your man is not serious with your relationship, and here are some of them:

He doesn’t respond to your texts immediately

This is because you are not a priority in his life and he sure isn’t going to drop whatever he’s doing to make an effort to talk to you. Communication will be at his own time and convenience.

He only wants to talk to you at night

This is when he’s done with all his other plans and you’re the last thing on his to-do list. He’ll do this to try and reassure you that he’s still keeping you in mind, but really? And not to sound shady but he has most likely finished .ing FIFA before calling you.

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You’re always the one to suggest dates

He hardly ever makes the effort to take you out. He doesn’t show interest in planning anything with you and is always asking you to choose a time and place. His excuse is that he’s not the romantic type but truly he just can’t be bothered.

When you do go out, he brings friends along

This is probably because he doesn’t want the two of you to get too close. It’s always a group hangout where you’re never the center of attraction. If the absence of one on one time isn’t a clear indication that he’s leading you on then we don’t know what else is.

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He only has time for you when you’re about to dump him

The moment you start distancing yourself from him, he starts trying to draw you closer. He’ll be on his best behavior but only for a while until you’re sucked back into his nonsense. It’s a trap! Don’t fall for this move.

He doesn’t draw the line when it comes to other women

Whatever he does for you, he will comfortably do for other women and when you question this, he will tell you how they are his friends and you’re being insecure.

If you find yourself with a guy who does these things on a regular basis then it’s time to say goodbye. You deserve someone who will treat you like the queen you are.






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