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‘Hide Your Kids’ Star Antoine Dodson Speaks on ‘Digital Blackface’

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Antoine Dodson — the guy who became Internet famous for a very memorable interview says he’s fine with white people using Black memes … because they pay for it, literally.

We spoke to the viral star — whose iconic quotes from the 2010 WAFF news piece, including “hide your kids, hide your wife,” were turned into a catchy song — and he weighed in on the CNN digital Blackface controversy. As it turns, out, he has quite a bit to say about it.

Antoine tells us the argument that whites are maliciously mocking African Americans — intentionally or otherwise — through the use of GIFs/memes just isn’t his experience. If anything, he says he’s only encountered reverence from Caucasians for his own meme fame … which has translated to cold hard cash when they hire him as talent. Top dollar, at that.

Check out AD’s perspective for yourself, because the way he breaks this down is unique … and sorta scathing. He says if anyone has made him into a joke, it’s other Black people.

Antoine says he doesn’t really do Black-sponsored engagements ’cause it doesn’t compare to the treatment he might get from whites. As he puts it … if white people are only out to make him a punchline for their amusement, they’re going to expensive lengths to do so.

Bottom line … Antoine feels like the notion we gotta restrict white people’s meme usage is ridiculous — which is how a lot of Twitter users felt about it this weekend, frankly.

While some might agree with the writer, John Blake, the consensus seems to go in the opposite direction — and Antoine’s in that camp. BTW, he also touches on his sister’s real-life scary incident being turned into humor … and he explains why he’s good with that too.

Last year Antoine got into the adult beverage business partnering with an Alabama brewery to craft “Run N Tell That” lager and just recently launched his own hot sauce.

Oh, and it sounds like Antoine was actually approached for comment on that CNN article. His response to us here might explain why they didn’t include any quotes from him. 😅


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