Highly Sensitive People, Relationships & Attachement Trauma


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Highly sensitive people often experience an Attachment Trauma. This can greatly affect your relationships. When we understand what this is we can begin the healing process. This is the first of many videos I will do on this very important topic.

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  1. 36 male.. Haven't had any relationship because of attachment problems and anxiety problem. Just got diagnosed with cancer last year thanks giving. In remission now. How I wish I had someone. Now That I need her the most.

  2. I'm sitting here watching your video and trying to connect all the dots . When you started talking to your left hand, to look at "your stuff" to upgrade it I started bawling like a baby. It was the weirdest feeling. Tears came with out me even asking my k
    Left hand yet! So strange!

  3. I am 100% on board with what you are saying – thank you for the heartfelt video. I could use advice on how to make this advice actionable in a place like San Diego CA where the single male to female ratio is really horrible. Can you give advice on how nice guys can meet nice women who they might be compatible with? Is there something I can google and schedule to improve my odds of meeting someone who will like me – AND will not result in a failed relationship? I could use your help please.

  4. Thank you so much. Your words and your approach are so powerful. Thank you for allowing me to bring it back to myself, to validate myself and stop looking to that validation from others, even the parents who hurt me. I'm so looking forward to delving into your channel and feeling less alone. Thank you, you're an angel <3

  5. I have heard many people talking about this topic but, the way you have explained it's fascinating. I appreciate your good work.I am 42 and still, I look for my mother's acceptance, approval and appreciation at any cost. I am always threatened by people, anxious about every situation. Constantly fighting with myself to get rid of these negative feelings and behavior.

  6. Wow, first video of yours i watched and i really feel you know what you are talking about. Thanks so much. Your words spoke straight into my situation. I have some serious introspection to do now. Will try to check out alll your conent! Thanks again!

  7. For the longest time, I did not realize that I was dealing with a "me" that was traumatized. I acknowledge that my actions in seeking relationships were not unhealthy and usually lead to really unpleasant outcomes. I think that was because I entered "relationships" even if the were platonic (friends with benefits) looking to be healed but they only made me feel less. Because I was looking for validation. I was looking for validation. I was trying to make friends that would stay but they all left after they got what they wanted. Which only made the wound deeper. But I live and I learn and I won't shame myself for what I have done.

    Everyone should know that in your past you did all you could do in the circumstances you were in with the information you had. Don't down yourself for not knowing what you do now.

  8. How can Pleiadian like you incarnate as Pleiadian just"like that"? 😃 Great. You are so perfect! Wow.
    Thank you. This theme applied to me yet some days ago. Hopefully no more from now on. Love&Light

  9. U speak of an incident as if it was a singular event but what of repeated traumas?
    Also ive been trying to work through such things whilst in a relationship, im thinking now it might not have been such a great idea. Good vid, im gona subscribe thanks

  10. No where else to turn; no friends, family and home? have slept rough and abused by authorities as well so nothing else to look at. Can only see death if I had the guts to jump off the cliffs

  11. i have a relationship addiction , i haven’t been single for more than like 3 months since like 2015 which is awful i know but i’m trying not to beat myself up. i think i’m a combination of the anxious and avoidant attachment styles and nobody, esp my parents ever rly validated me as a child, i’m a lesbian and that was really had for them to handle i guess but my mom has gotten better about it but she is very avoidant with things and has always had the tendency to push things under the rug , stuff w my dad is worse and i can’t even get into it hahaha but ur video really helps , it’s really healing just watching them , thank you for all that u do

  12. What if his ‘attachment trauma’ was from age 0 to 16. He and I: Best friends 10 years, dated 2, married 8 months. Marriage was the trigger. Didn’t know what was happening for 3 months. Isolated in fear (I was triggered), thought he was a psychopath (alters are scary when you’re a survivor of past psychological abuse by men), Him: #ChildhoodEmotionalNeglect #Alexithemia #Alters or #Shifts including baby, little boy, dark shadow whose job was to ‘provoke me emotionally’ to fed the baby (only way it knows love) 3 to 4 day cycle now. How am I still here from the shock, anxiety, PTSD. We are working very hard and massive progress every week but when will this be behind us. #WasThisMyPurpose #IndigoEmpath #Claircognizant #Intuitive #22 #222 #444 #111 #1111 #555 #1010 #1212

  13. I’ve never seen your videos before but I really enjoyed how you explained the healing. I knew there must’ve been trauma but I hadn’t previously understood what to do with the knowledge so thank you.
    Would the same method work for someone that is an anxiously avoidant attached?

  14. Its how smart how ladies act when they got caught and still deny it instantly. No one is perfect and I'd suggest you keep a very close look in your relationship and to achieve that, you need hackerrperrera47 at Ya*h*oO dotcome to make it possible..

  15. I agree with what you are saying but how can one heal something that continues to happen? ie. people being dismissive of you or treating you like an "after thought'. I've gotten rid of people out of my life who do this (it seems its a very common thing for most people to do) but now I'm so afraid of trying to befriend someone who will do this to me again that I don't even bother trying.


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