Nigerians are always portraying in all ramifications that life is all together a struggle. They do this in almost every aspect of life but I was thinking that this particular aspect will be exempted. The issue of love and romance is one that should be associated with much passion and tenderness. It is no manual or hard labour. But Nigerians totally disagree with me in this – “they prefer to do their thing with all their might”. This has landed us to the common believe that Nigerians are bad at kissing. You may believe or doubt it. However, you can’t help but laugh away your day by the time you take a look at these photos of 7 “fantastic” kissing episodes below:

Somebody help! This one na strangling things o…please help me ask the man if na fight?


I guess these ones are confused…they can’t be kissing!



Is there no one out there to help me tell this guy that the lady’s lips are not meant to be chewed? Maybe the nose will join soon!


Ooh… This is all-encompassing! No breathing space or opportunity for the woman, after all male dominance is the order of the day, no be so?