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Honey !!! Take Me Now. I Surrender to You: :- Must Read (18+ Only)



That is what a friend swore is her hubby’s BEDROOM ANTHEM. She said that when other men are busy BEGGING their women to let them ENTER…her man tells her SURRENDER BABY, BABY SURRENDER TO ME…such that the night she put on a night wear that he bought her from his last trip abroad, she had hardly settled on BED when he walked into the bedroom and told her that the particular way she lay on the bed is SURRENDERING POSITION. They had an outing recently, she waited to hear his comment on her dressing, and when it was not forthcoming, she whispered in his ears DON’T I LOOK ‘SURRENDERING’ ENOUGH? He had a good laugh and told her that that will be a matter to be decided at the appropriate PLACE-the bedroom. She told me that these days when she wants to tease him (especially when he is looking smashing), she just says YOU LOOK ‘SURRENDERING’…it never ceases to leave a smile on his face. 

I have been fantasizing, since my girl regaled me with this gist. I mean, it’s so lovely when a couple have ‘slangs, special words etc.’ that are just PERSONAL to them. Something you can always tease each other with and nobody can guess how you both came about such ‘special words’. That is what I call CREATING MEMORIES in a marriage/relationship…those FUN, SILLY things you indulge in. Life can’t be more beautiful –when couples learn to approach a relationship with the right amount of PLAYFULNESS…

A girlfriend told me that during an argument with her guy, he pronounced a particular English word wrongly and the laughter that ensued (because of that error) thawed the tension that was almost building up between them-as a result of that argument. Till this day, the mere mention of that word gives them a good laugh. While at a cinema recently, the same word was pronounced (correctly) by a character in the movie and she leaned closer to whisper THEIR OWN VERSION of the word- in his ears…the loud laughter that greeted the ‘whisper’ attracted a few BEMUSED GLANCES their way…can anything be more beautiful than the sight of a GIGGLING (and loudly too) COUPLE?

How much PLAYFULNESS have you made efforts to inject into your marriage? Has it become ALL SERIOUSNESS or a QUARREL GALORE? Let me tell you a secret… SE X OR MONEY is not exactly the only thing that drives a CHEATING spouse into the arms of another man/woman-more often than not-it is the LAUGHTER /WARMTH that they find in such arms!!!

It is your choice to make anything (nagging, cold demeanour, sour face, etc.)BUT laughter a regular occurrence in your union. Just remember that ‘’IF YOU ARE HAPPY, HAPPINESS WILL COME TO YOU BECAUSE-HAPPINESS WANTS TO GO WHERE HAPPINESS IS’’ 

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