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How do I get my man to tell me he loves me more often?

Dear Bukky,

I have a boyfriend but we are far apart so we usually talk and chat via phone but the problem is that when I tell him that I love you, he just responds, Thanks and when I ask him to tell me any words that he feels like telling me, he just responds I have nothing to say.

Also he was always couldn’t sleep without talking to me but nowadays he will sleep without even calling, When I ask him, he just responds by asking why I couldn’t call him instead of complaining so I need to know if this man really loves me.


Dear reader,

I think you might be pushing your partner a little too much. I also acknowledge that when you express your love to him, he should reply right back.

About the phonecall bit, why can’t you call him back? I don’t know of any rule that says women can’t call men. By making a fuss about the issue when you can easily pick up your phone and call him, you are making him feel antagonized. He will soon feel like you complain about everything and that you are an entitled person. And it’s not difficult to see why he might feel so.

See, if you want to hear your boyfriend’s voice, call him. The rule does not bind one person and leaves the other without the duty.

Also, I would advise that with more understanding and good communication and taking of some responsibility, your relationship will be back on track. This is not too big to be fixed. Just realise that relationships involve two people and requires good communication at all times.


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