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How do I know what a guy really wants from me? – Lifestyle News


Dear Bukky,

There is this guy I that I have a crush on and we are age mates. He says he is crushing on me too then he told me he was also crushing on me.

So we started talking and when he wanted us to start kissing I asked him what are we?  What is our relationship called?  He didn’t have an answer so he told me that we date until I get a man who will marry me because we cannot get married due to the fact that we are both 22 years old.

But now he is telling me he is in love with me. Should I believe him or not?

Dear reader,

What you believe from people is totally up to you. The only advice I have to give is this: don’t base your decision only on what he says. Watch out for his behaviours, too!

The fact that he wants to be with you on a temporary basis looks to me like something to be worried about.

So ask yourself and ‘is he asking for a relationship just so he can have access to sex with you?’ This is something you may never know for a certainty but it is important for you to consider this well before saying yes to a relationship with him.

In the end, you will have to do what you think is best for you.


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