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How I Beat A Black American Lady Chasing My Nigerian Husband



A Nigerian woman residing in the United States of America with her husband from her native land has shared with the internet community how she ‘disciplined’ an African American woman who got involved with her hubby.

The lady shared her tale with famed Nigerian life coach and pastor, Shola Jordan Adeoye who in turn published it on his Facebook platform. The woman in her narration said she’s yet to understand why most Nigerian men living in America are so much into these black American ladies, who they colloquially call ‘Akata.’


See below for her full text;

Pastor, my husband is one of those men who are into Black American women aka Akata. I stopped by this lady’s house to give her a little and quick beaten just to warn her to stay away from my husband.


She called the police on me, and I was walked out of her house without my husband. When he finally got back, I sat him down and asked him this same question. What can she give you that I can’t give? He called our pastor to beg on his behalf, but I asked the same question in front of the pastor, he couldn’t answer.

Pastor, I kicked him out in 2017, and the lady dumped him too the same year. He is somewhere in NY now, driving a taxi. Just imagine a man I filed for and gave everything. Pastor, you are doing well sir, bring those ladies and let them tell us what we need to know.



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