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How I escaped kidnap attempt – BBNaija’s Khloe


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Former Big Brother Naija, Khloe Abiri, has recounted her kidnap attempt following the death and kidnap of Bamise Ayanwole.

Ayanwole, whose corpse was discovered by the police, had sparked reactions from Nigerians after the culprit, the driver of the Bus Rapd Transit (BRT) she transported in, Nice Omininikoron, was arrested.

In a new post on her Instagram page, Khloe recounted how she was pushed out of the uber ride after she challenged the driver and even faked calls to pretend she wasn’t alone.

She also shared posts of messages between herself and her sister and another person who confirmed her location at the time of the kidnap attempt.

Berating Nigeria for its lack of surveillance cameras, she said “something similar almost happen to me on the 1st of March on my way to the airport…”

In one of the photo post she shared, she said, “I had an experience with an uber guy the day I was traveling and he dropped me on the main road at Farmcity cos I faked a call to my sister.

“So, my kid sis ordered the ride cos the driver that was supposed to take me to the airport was taking too long and I don’t want to miss my flight.

“I was on a call till we got to Lekki Express about to link to Ikoyi Bridge, then I was about to ask him to play radio then I realised there is none and no AC.

“He was listening to music on his phone with earpiece. I was talking to him and asking why all these things are not in the car, he ignored me and I taped the dash to get his attention then he said do I want to go or it’s AC or radio I want to eat.

“He had a knife under his leg, his car was smelling like menstrual blood and weed, the whole radio part was removed and stuffed with cloths and he locked the car from his side as we were approaching farm city.

“I told him to remove the child lock and he started acting weird. I sent my sister a message and started forming calls like my sister was driving behind us, was talking about his car and how he’s acting, then he made a U-Turn, parked, unlock the car and asked me to get out.

“Oh, I forgot, is car colour and plate isn’t the same as the app cos over 10mins my sister was under the sun looking for his car as it’s said to arrive.

“As I was about to get out of the car, I begged a man walking by to pls help me open the door and hold my box so as I’m coming down he won’t drive off with my box. Guess what? He pushed me and my box out.”

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