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How I lived with ghost for two years – Lady reveals [Update]

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A Nigerian lady identified as @winepoko has taken to TikTok to narrate how she unknowingly lived with a ghost for two years when she was in primary school.

According to her, she was living with her elder sister, who was married when the incident happened. Her sister’s friend, who was single at the time, also lived with them.

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She went further to reveal that the younger brother of her sister’s friend called her sister one day to tell her he was on his way to Lagos and had to stop by at their place for a brief visit. However, he stayed longer than expected, claiming he had cancelled his trip. @winepoko stated that her sister had no issues with that and let him stay.

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She also claimed that he had abnormal abilities, including arriving first at a destination even if others had left for the same place two hours earlier. The man impregnated a lady shortly after and it was alleged that as the baby grew, he started exhibiting strange characters like laughing as if someone invisible was playing with him. It was later discovered his father is a ghost when he was taken to church for deliverance.

@winepoko This is a true life story. I will explain how he died before coming to our house #foryou #viral #fyp #tiktokstory ? original sound – ?winepoko

See reactions below:

@jennifer_duke1: “This is unbelievable. Ghost is real.”


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