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How I solved my self esteem issues growing up – BBNaija\’s Vandora


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Former Big Brother Naija Double Wahala housemate, Vanessa Emikhe-Williams, also known as Vandora, has opened up on her self-esteem issue journey and how she managed it.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, the entrepreneur, who is into a skincare business, shared how she got into the business.

She said she has always been light skinned but had low self esteem while growing up.

However, Vandora, who said being light skinned doesn’t define her beauty, claimed she would still be beautiful if she was dark-skinned.

She said, “As a girl, I had self-esteem issues and it’s not what anyone would like to experience.

“However, I think it also helps in building one’s character because a person who has dealt with self-esteem issues in the past would place more value on themselves.

“Building self-esteem is a lifelong thing because inadequate situations would always present themselves. Human beings are insatiable and nothing is ever going to be enough for people.

“Skincare is a choice and there are many products for several purposes.”

Vandora went further to talk about her skincare business, saying she is into natural skincare line, unlike the popular bleaching companies dominating the world.

“My skincare products are not for ‘bleaching’ and I don’t add ‘bleaching’ ingredients to my products. I am naturally light-skinned and I inherited that from my dad, but I would not have had a different feeling if I had inherited my mum’s skin colour.

“I have always had passion for skincare right from childhood, but I feel that one’s energy and aura is what people feel before they notice one’s physical features.

“I know that I’m beautiful because I have a good heart and soul. I take solace in skincare because that is the way I feel I can contribute my quota to other people’s lives,” she said.

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