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How To Avoid Sex With A Girl Trying To Hook You



#AvoidSexwithaDesperateLady…Hello Guys, welcome back to your number 1 love conductor. So this week I have decided to talk about the most natural and innate natural opposite inclination of almost every guy on earth. I don’t think i have ever met any guy who enjoys saying no to free good sex. come on! it is sex, but the truth is at some point in every relationship both partners get to a point or something happens where they both don’t just want to get down. You know they are just not feeling it. How To Avoid Sex With A Desperate Girl

But the funny part is over time ladies seem to have learned and master the skill of turning down sex from men, be it that they do so rudely or politely. But whenever men do it, it always comes off as if he is taking the lady for a ride or he is rejecting them. Which in return they always play guilt cards or things might just get frosty and the guys then have to do it rudely, insulting or degrading the lady.
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It is wrong if you don’t want sex with a lady or your partner and when they want it just know that they could easily go out and get it from some other guy because there are loads of other guys out there with a third leg always active and ready to devour.

So if your lady is in your face saying she needs to bang and you’re in a face where you can’t give her the soul-satisfying type of sex she wants and just want to be left alone no need to insult her or get her off your back rudely. Just calmly explain to her you’re not interested at moment, while you calmly cuddle her or look for a way to help satisfy her urge while you stay true to your reason for not wanting it to her.

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Well, this is where things get tricky and needs a lot of discipline. The only discipline can get you through this type of phase especially if you notice this girl is trying to hook you (get pregnant when you are not ready to have kids).

Or say you’re not ready to get committed to this girl and she is trying to use sex to manipulate you and get pregnant for you well the first option is for you to dump such a lady and bounce but you don’t want to then just know using withdrawal might just not work effectively enough nor will using condoms be enough if she is really desperate and out to get you. So best option and advice run!!! I mean Japa. Bye See you next week.

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