How To Cornrow Braid For Beginners | Clear Easy Steps


NOT Boxer Braids… these are actually called Cornrows, thanks. We’re doing two easy cornrow braids today! In clear and easy steps that are perfect for …


  1. Thank you so much! For my 24 years, today was a first day i could braid myself!! My mother is not around and i was struggling really bad with my hair. I used to flat iron my hair too much and use relaxers to make my hair more organized, but i got burned scalp and now i am trying to heel it. I don't relax my hair for 1 year now and it gets really puffy and hard to control. Self braiding is a good option!!! Really appreciate your job.

  2. My mum wants to straighten my hair because she’s tired of doing my hair, but I told her I could do it myself (even tho I don’t know how to do my hair) so IM STRUGGLING 🥵

  3. My mum is white and my dad is black so I've got curly hair but not quite afro. You mentioned stretching? Do I need to do that? I've just attempted it now and my hair is so thick although it is 12.41am and I have no products on at all

  4. i was one of those mixed kids with like 4a hair whose white mom didnt even know how to brush it let alone style it. In 31 and I've finally been learning about my hair mainly from you and other videos. I cut it off st like 21 but I still want to know as much as I can. My mom used to but v05 shampoo and conditioner when I was young lol it didnt work well with my hair


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