HOW TO: Crochet Premade Passion Twist Onto Cornrows


DIY Easy Crochet Passion Twists Tutorial using AliTress Toyokalon Hair! I love this method because it i fast, easy, perfect for beginners. and eliminates frizz from your natural hair coming out of the passion twist. It makes the passion twists maintenance and passion twist care very easy during the day and the night. This is crochet, but not the rubber band method crochet some people do. This is 100% crochet and all of my natural hair cornrowed underneath. This method
makes the passion twists great for all hair types since
your real hair isn’t twisted, so its perfect for natural hair, be
it 4c hair, a twa, or anything.This hair is also safe enough to go swimming in without worrying about you natural hair coming out and creating frizz.

Link to hair:
22″ Alitress Crochet Passion Twists

16″ Alitress Crochet Passion Twists

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5 packs needed for full head
I used color 2 in 22″

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