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How To Enjoy Casual Sex Without Catching Feelings – ZUMI

casual sex without catching feelings

There are many reasons why more women should engage in casual sex. It can be very liberating to enjoy a good time with a partner without driving yourself crazy about whether or not he likes you or obsessing over putting a label on what you guys are. Plus, casual sex also gives you a chance to truly bask in the pleasure you’re receiving and connect with your sexuality.

The downside, though, is the probability of falling for someone you’re supposed to be having a sexual relationship with. It can drive you crazy and possibly leave you heartbroken. Is there a way to have casual sex without catching feelings. Absolutely. These tips will work even if you’re a hopeless romantic.

Know your expectations going in

The first thing you need to do before engaging in casual sex is to get your head on straight. You should know exactly what this is and remind yourself when needed. Don’t trick yourself into thinking you like someone more than you do just because you’re sleeping with him.

casual sex without catching feelings

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Be careful of your choice

Don’t try to have casual sex with an ex you still have feelings for or a buddy you have a crush on. These feelings can get even deeper with sex and can leave you confused. You may end up falling for him even after you have both been clear about this being a casual fling.

Keep things light

When you start going on dates, having heart-to-heart conversations or sharing hopes and dreams, things can get intense really fast. Avoid these romance-like behaviors. Sure you can talk and even hang out if you want, but ensure you keep things light and simple.

Don’t send mixed messages

Telling a guy you only want to hook up and then putting so much time and effort into daily texts and calls can be very confusing. You don’t need to contact your fling frequently in between lays.

casual sex without catching feelings

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Be safe

Two things that can instantly kill casual sex are pregnancy and STDs. It’s very important to be safe when engaging in casual sex.

On the flip side, here are a few signs that taking a break from sex is the best thing for you.

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