How to Find a Christian Wife or Husband: 3 Christian Relationship Tips on How to Get Married


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How does God want you to find a Christian wife or husband? Are you supposed to wait on the Lord for a husband or are your supposed to pursue a Christian woman if you want her to be your wife? What does the Bible say about finding a Christian husband or wife? In this video I give you 3 ways to find a Christian wife or husband.

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  1. I’m a very shy person and it’s pretty hard for me to start a conversation with a woman. But I just pray that whoever God has for me that He gives me the courage to talk to her. But I pray that she speaks to me first. Maybe she could be complimenting me on something like my looks, maybe my eyes (I’ve always been told I have nice eyes) then I would know that she’s interested, and I can talk to her a little better. That’s the one flaw about me. I’m too shy. I pray that God helps me get over that.

  2. Wow! I’ve been wondering about a guy I recently reconnected with through an online dating site and he has become a wonderful friend and we enjoy each other’s company. When the other person reaches out, we mutually drop what we are doing to help the other person and we definitely have chemistry and I’ve noticed tension and we look at each other the same way when we are together. I’m almost wondering if he’s just as nervous as I am to take a step in that direction to see if there’s more there to explore.

  3. I love God above all and felt like I could happily remain single and just be married to the Lord, especially after my mistake of having an unevenly yoked marriage experience…

    But now that I have found my passion – supporting my child and seeing to her spiritual health, taking care of my parents, helping out with the Church and local charities, etc.- I have felt God heal my heart and suddenly I feel like not being alone anymore. I feel as if God wants His daughter to be complete. Women were created to be Man's companion…

    I'm not going to stop doing what I'm doing. God has put on my heart to serve others and help the less fortunate and I have no intention of stopping. Even if I do get married, my spouse will have to understand and accept that. God will always be first in my life, Family will always be second but above all other worldly things.

  4. I will want to encourage the single ones out there never to give up on God and don’t quench the Christian fire in you because of relationships that have worked for some people but not for you. Let us learn from John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church, who after all the desire and struggle to get married early finally married at age 48 to a widow who had children already with another man. Every now and then the woman will leave John only to return later. She did that several times. John died childless at age 87 in 1791. As at when he was dying he said “ the best of it all is that God is with us”. But the Methodist Church which he has built as at that time already had a membership of some 135000 with more than 500 itinerant preachers. In our time many who have had Near death Experiences remember meeting John Wesley in heaven happy in eternal mansions with children (not those he has born physically but those he had led to Jesus Christ while on earth). What’s the point? Life is short and before you are aware you will have to leave everything behind and go and spend eternity somewhere, no matter what your story has been. So I will encourage you to avoid Hell at all cost, because you could end up in hell due to frustration and life’s problems which prevented you from committing your life fully to Jesus Christ. Remember His promise in Revelation 21:7 “he that overcomes shall inherit all things”; and that would be worth it all your frustration, struggles, difficulties in spite of which you determined to make heaven and you did. Now may the God of Peace, that brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the sheep, through the blood of the everlasting covenant, make you perfect in every good work to do His will, working in you that which is well-pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

  5. Shared common interests 🤔….how am i suppossed to meet a wife if all my interest dont have a female demographic? Guns….guns….knives….guns….shooting guns….buying guns….did i mention guns?

  6. If anyone wants to be a single mom, I can make that happen for you! HMU! Jk. I loved this video. I’m going to fast relationships for a while and deepen my relationship with God. I’m 20, but really want to get married to the one God has for me. But I need to be financially stable first.

  7. To find a genuine christian husband is not an easy task as to where to look for the one. Dating online didn't work, couldn't find him at church. Does God want me to be single all my life when I have so much passion and desire to be married? Although I keep praying and trusting God…any insights?

  8. I have had many good Christian friends I liked that I never had a chance with because other men, many not Christian, were sexually aggressive. That is the problem I have with friendships. Christian girls you are forward with acuse you of lust. It is a battle.

  9. Hi mark …how will l get achriatian aman yet my life l live in muslim land all my friends are muslim guys but am not relationship nor …l work lshare ahouse with them but am commited to my bible .l read ..all time and pray l fast …but l get this iguys who challenge me that religion is nothg but love which matters ..two who have evr told me if love thre ready to covert to christianity…have not given them my time so l need …guidance…becuz lwant to get married but people around me neither nor christian..

  10. So, if I’ve been praying for a spouse in God’s timing and His will, but haven’t really been active in getting to know Christian women in social gatherings or asking someone out to coffee, and I feel like God has put the desire within me to get to know a woman or put a possible Christian woman in my life, then I should go try it out to test the waters while still trusting God in the process?

  11. In my experience every time (I) put the work in (I) put the effort in (I) did it my way, God always rebuked me on these things. As much as I tried to get back with the one I loved, there was always something God would put in front of me to keep me from my own pride, and not letting God, do his perfect plan in my life. As heavy my heart was I had to trust in God's plan and put in my faith towards him. That is how I came to understand the "Let God Work his perfect Plan"(Paraphrase). So don't let it annoy you to say "Trust in God." It's very real and something I have in my relationship with God. God let's things happen for a reason in my life and I have to trust God that it will benefit me in the future. God bless.

  12. I was always a very romantic person. I pray for a wife since I was 15 years old. I tried many times to date Christian women but somehow I was never successful. Now I am 50 years old, single , and don't have any family. I prayed hard and I tried hard. Meanwhile I saw things coming easy to some of my friends. They are all now happily married. I know guys that are not even Christian and marry nice Christian women. I have a friend that is not a Christian but is very handsome and successful and he made a profile on a Christian dating website. He slept with at least 10 women he met on the website. Pastor's daughters, worship leaders, etc… all deceived by him. I had a profile on the same website and those girls never answered my requests to connect. I tried to warn one of the girls that the guy was a player but she turned against me even knowing that I was a real Christian. I really don't see any connection between effort and finding the right person. I do find a connection between attractiveness and finding the right person.

  13. Shy guys avoid loud and forward women. They will try to run all over you! Get a shy woman that will be more in line with your personality. High energy people need high energy spouses and low energy people need low energy people. Opposites do not attract except initially and then they annoy each other and pull apart. She wants to go to the noisy gym to workout and then run a mile and you want to travel to the mountains and sit by a quiet stream. The art of dating has been lost today. Try your best to keep the physical attraction out of it until you can really see how compatible you are together. If you like history and going to antique stores, find someone that likes to do the same thing. If you are a reader and love books, find someone that loves books. You want to experience life on the same road and not going different directions and at different paces.

  14. Get someone that likes to relax like you do and likes to have fun like you do. If you like exercising and are high energy, find someone high energy and one that likes working out. However, if you are lower energy and would rather watch a movie, find someone that would rather watch a movie than run a mile to relax. If you get someone that is high energy and you are low energy, you will be going different directions. They will be itching to run a marathon on a Saturday morning and you will want to sleep. If you are calmer and shy, get someone like you. If the other person is the life of the party and you are shy, they will chide you for not talking and being social. A shy person will totally understand you and both of you will be in unison.

  15. This is great and all but the reality is that for every 10 single female Christians in church there are like 2 or 3 single Christian men… There is too much competition especially for 26+ women who didn't meet anyone in their younger years because the guys their age are dating much younger girls 18-24 yr olds. It's not as easy as just going out, taking action and pursuing someone. The other part of that is what if no one is interested, then what? It's super frustrating because when I was in my early twenties I said no to dating non-christians, served in ministries, attended youth and young adult groups, never met a Christian guy that was interested in me back then. So now I wonder where I went wrong in my life, watching the younger generations getting married and starting their families…

  16. Hey Pastor Mark! I’m not dating now and it’s been 2.5 years since I last dated. He was not a Christian and I lost interest in him. In addition, I’m also a divorced/single parent. It’s hard…😖


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