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The most common complaints couples have are usually caused by trust issues. Trust is the most important part of a relationship and without it, there’s little left to hold on to.  Any relationship without trust  is definitely heading for the rocks unless something is done about it.

Regaining trust is one uphill battle but necessary to ensure that your relationship gets back on track. We’ve come up with some reasons why most people have trust issues and some tips on how you can handle the situation:

Stick to your word

You promise to be home by 6 but something happens and you can’t make it. All these “little” things add up, slowly reducing the trust your significant other has for you. So before you make any promise, you need to take a moment to quickly assess how realistic your promise is. Will things come up beyond your control to mess things up? Will you forget? Remember that it’s not just your partner’s feelings that are getting hurt, your credibility is also at stake. So no matter the relationship status: wife or girlfriend; make sure you stick to your word or at least give a heads up when you cant.

Trust issues

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Own Up To Your Mistakes

Typically when you fail to do something you promised, you quickly make up excuses to avoid taking the blame. This is the beginning of a web of deceit that you’ll eventually get caught in. What you need to do is tell your partner the truth. They’ll appreciate your honesty. Instead of being that ‘liar’ that no one trusts, you’d be the person everyone trusts to tell the truth no matter what.

Trust issues

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Working on your baggage

This is one root problem that leads to trust issues in any relationship. It’s basically the effects of  bad incidents from the past that’s carried into and threatens a new relationship. Fixing this requires a lot of honesty from both partners. You’ll have to reflect on your past: Am I suspecting my current partner due to the behavior of exes? Have I given my partner the opportunity to prove himself? Having this discussion in a transparent and honest way will give you the opportunity to regain lost trust.

trust issues

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What’s your take on trust?  Are all men scum, or do women just have trust issues? find out here






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