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How To Fulfill Public S*x Fantasy



Learning how to fulfill public s*x fantasy is a great way to enhance your love life. s*x does not have to be strictly relegated to bedroom. There is a dangerous and adventurous element associated with public s*x. There is the chance of getting caught, and there is also the chance that someone may be watching. If all of this sound appealing to you, then a few tips and hints will certainly go a long way in helping you fulfill your public s*x fantasy.

Wear appropriate, easy access clothing. The two of you should be dressed for the occasion. You do not want to wind up having to shed layers of clothing. Having public s*x is not the same as having s*x in the bedroom; it is not something that is going to last for hours and require a lot of skin on skin contact. Wear loose, easy to remove clothing. Do not wear pants that have a . fly, you want a zipper for easy access. Also, try to get her to wear a skirt or dress.

Be discreet. Keep the noises and movements to a minimum. Just because you want to fulfill a public s*x fantasy does not mean that everyone else should know about it. Fight those urges to moan, scream, and huff. Do not bang the walls or shake the foundation.

Do not hesitate, go for it. When having s*x in public, hesitating can be disastrous. If you stop and think about the consequences too long, chances are you will wind up getting caught. The best public s*x is spur of the moment; it just happens.

Be quick about it. It should only be a quickie. Now is not the time for you to focus on making the moment last. You should not be focused on getting her off. Having public s*x is more about the moment, then about the s*x.

Consider the car. There are all sorts of places where you can have public s*x. You can have it in a bathroom, a closet, under a blanket, in the ocean, the library, a baseball stadium, or in a dark and deserted alley. However, if you are new to having s*x in public, consider trying it out in the car first. This will allow you to fulfill that public s*x fantasy, but it will also keep the setting intimate.

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