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How to get rid of entitlement mentality in your relationship

Entitlement in relationships is a legit problem that needs to be uprooted from the minds of men and women alike.

Treating your relationship privileges as rights will not get the relationship anywhere good. It breeds resentment and makes for a very one-sided relationship which leaves one partner feeling either shortchanged or underappreciated.

To cut off the entitlement mentality in the relationship and check the way you relate with your partner, here are things to do:

1.  Agree to meet each others’ expectations

This will not work without good communication and a healthy back-and-forth.

2.  Learn to fulfill each other’s needs

Let your partner know what you want and how you want it. Also learn what they want and do it that way.

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3.  Let go of selfishness

Being considerate of your partner’s needs calls for selflessness and putting them on the top of your priority list. Do not just think of yourself and what can be done for you.

4.  Compromise

This is an offshoot of selflessness. You should learn and know when to shift grounds to accommodate your partner’s needs. Taking one for the team every now and then is an attitude that shows how committed you are to making things work in the relationship.

5.  Differentiate between privileges and rights

Honesty is a genuine right and so is fidelity, communication and real effort at making things work. Those are things you should throw tantrums about; not things that an adult is meant to be able to provide for his or herself.

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