Classic man jidenna

Do you know looking dapper like Jidenna involves just a few tricks? When it comes to styling oneself, all you need to do is to consider how you feel, the impression you want to leave, and also the environment. Put together are the necessities for every classic man to have in his collection of clothes.

Every man should have a collection of suit for meetings with the elites at work, dinner events, dates with his lovely woman and also to church. On the not too serious days, you can skip the suit and tie and just stick to your collared shirt and still maintain the corporate look, the shirts could be plain, checkered or print design just to suit your style.

The Chinos is the perfect pants to end the week and start the weekend as well as it tends to be comfortable and rugged as well, hence surviving its cool look regardless of any activity of the weekend. Accentuate your style and personality with lovely shoes such as brogues as they are the ultimate matching footwear for the classic look. Adorn your look with proper men accessories such as murse, which is regarded as the modern purse for men, original leather belts, cufflinks and more.

You might be wondering where to get these lovely and classy clothing for men, well look no further as you can get them all on For more ideas on fashion shopping, you can also visit the Konga’s buying guide to get more tips and trends.




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