Do you want to know how to have really good s*x? Well who doesn’t want to make sure that each time they have s*x it’s either good or great? After all, bad s*x is something every man should strive to avoid. > are tips to how to have really good s*x each time that you have s*x.

Learn different things. When we say different things you need to know not only different positions, but oral s*x. Because oral s*x is something that can make s*x into a really good experience. If you know how to perform oral s*x, a girl will be more willing to provide you with oral s*x as well.

Take your time. Don’t rush through s*x with a person just to get off. That will not only make s*x bad, but when you rush through s*x you will not be able to have s*x again with that partner normally. Women want to have fun and have an climax too, so if you want good s*x, get her off too.

Oral s*x. Again oral s*x is something that you should be willing to perform. Do not be selfish. It will be a great way to make sure that your girl will reach an climax and have good s*x.

Make sure she is pleased. Sure it may not seem like a really great tip in how to have really good s*x, but when the girl is happy she is going to make sure that you are just as pleased. Plus it will have her talking to her friends about how good at s*x you are.

.: Mademen