How To Lose Weight Having S*x


You may be wondering how to lose weight having s*x. This can be a fun way to lose weight and a way to revamp your relationship. Just follow these simple steps.

First, you must have s*x regularly. As with any exercise program, you must at least have s*x three to five times a week to begin to lose weight. Yes, you should consider s*x as an exercise routine and it needs to be a regularly routine if you wish to use it as an aide to help you to lose weight.

Put more effort into the s*x. You just can’t lie there and enjoy the s*x. You need to work up some sweat and you need to move. This is the only way that the s*x will count as a cardio exercise routine.

Talk to your partner. You need to talk to your s*x partner and see if he/she is on board about having s*x more regularly and putting a bit more effort into it. You also need to be honest about that the fact that you want to lose weight and that you want your s*x to be a bit more active.

Schedule time for s*x. If you have to schedule time for s*x, do it. Many people have to schedule time to go to the gym and you shouldn’t be shy to schedule s*x in the same way.

Learn new positions: As with any exercise routine, variety is the key to keep you from becoming bored. For this reason, you and your partner may want to consider trying new positions.

Time does count now: Remember, a good cardio workout should take thirty minutes with a warm-up period and a slow down period. This means you can’t rush the time in which you have s*x. You need to take your time and make sure your heart beat begins to beat faster or you won’t actually be burning calories.

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