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The annual Valentine’s day celebration is just few hours away, the season of love when couples of all types take out time to do out-of-the-box activities, renew their love and make it a memorable one.

Oh yes, love is to be celebrated every now and then, but there’s this special feeling attached to Valentine’s day regardless of how long you have been with your partner.

During this season, spending the entire day with your partner is one of the best things and even if you’re short on cash, there are series of romantic ways to make it an impressive one for your significant other.

The goal is to ensure that this Valentine’s Day is one which the memory will continue to linger even if you’re not together anymore.

This platform has rounded up the best things to make your valentine’s day a memorable one.

1. Having The Whole House To Yourself And Partner

Having a quality time with your lover remains the best gift you can offer him/her on Valentine’s day.

Making the day a remarkable one does not necessarily mean getting expensive gifts for each other or visiting places.

The goal is to make the day superb, which simply means you can stay indoor with your lover, lock the doors, turn off phones and have the entire house to yourselves.

Now what do you do in a moment like this? you make the day an entirely unique one by doing things in the unique ways.

You can start with a steaming shower, rap yourselves in each others arms and listen to heartbeats, cuddle up under the duvet, make romantic dishes with your favourite wine, cuddle on the couch as you watch a movie.

2. Recreate Your First Date

Nothing beats going down memory lane on how you first met, how the feelings developed and what you felt about each other on the very first day of meeting.

Visit same place you had your first date, order the same meals, drinks and maintaining the position you both occupied is sure to make your valentine’s day a memorable one. Not to forget that adding a gift no matter how small is an excellent idea.

How about recalling those little kind gestures that impressed you both on your first date? It shows how much you remember such important details of your time together.

3. Save The Texts

screenshot of text messages

As earlier stated, love is celebrated every now and then, but there are those special moments you and your better half profess your love for one another through texts that get you smiling over and over again.

Now, that’s where we’re heading, printing out a screen shot of some of those texts and presenting it to him or her wouldn’t hurt and will always serve as a reminder to your lover that you love and cherish some moments with them.

Some of those screenshots can also be printed on things they use daily, like mugs, throw pillows etc. the more they use those things, the more they remember you as their significant other.

4. Surprise Your Partner

Even though not everyone loves surprises, setting out that special day to surprise your love in the unusual ways will sure make it a remarkable one.

How is this achieved? you don’t necessarily need to have so much cash for this, don’t forget that cutting your clothes according to your size is key in maintaining a relationship or marriage.

In planning a surprise, you may not need someone do it for you, you could get your other half’s favourite perfume, wine or jewelry and get it delivered timely at their place of work or home and don’t forget to place your order in advance.

Hiring saxophonists to serenade your partner in his/her home, or place of work is a good idea.

A trip to the spa or offering to do specific chores ain’t bad too.

5. Plan Special Outing

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As partners, you must have visited some places together but still aspire to visit some others.

Just pick one of those places you both have been wanting to visit, then make it an adventure and when you hear of that place, it serves as a reminder that you once visited it on Valentine’s day.

6. Opt In For Love Letter, Poem Or Song For Your Lover.

This really doesn’t require spending cash unless you’re employing the service of someone to assist in writing and if this is something you have never tried out for your partner in your relationship, then giving it a trial wouldn’t hurt.

Prior to that special day, take out time to draft your letter, poem or song, telling him/her how much they mean to you and don’t forget that penning this in your own handwriting will be more romantic and cherished than any other means.

Starting the letter with memories of how you met and how far you have gone with your partner ain’t a bad idea.

How do you surprise them with it ?  there are some cute, creative ways to go about that. You can sneak it  in their bags, pockets, lunch box, in the middle of a book if he/she is a book lover, send a close friend or relative or get it delivered through a post office.

7. Try Something New and Exciting

Trying something new every now and then is one of the keys that keep a relationship alive. Have you been thing of that with your partner but never had the chance? Valentine’s day would be a perfect time to do that.

Perhaps you have been trying to learn new dance skills together, attend a work out class together, cook together or propose to her in a unique way.

These activities sure create memories that will last a lifetime.

8. Plan Date Night With Other Couples

Another excellent way to have the best of that day is to plan or organise a date night with other couples who are perhaps friends with you or your partner.

Remember to make your Valentine’s day a memorable one, so you can always retire early and get some alone time with your partner if you so desire.

9. Clubbing

Going clubbing with your partner, for a night of partying, if you both still have the energy is also excellent.

10. Love-Making

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It may sound surprising that some partners value love-making on valentine’s day than gifts or trips, don’t forget that the day is a special one for lovers especially those who are in romantic relationships.

Meanwhile, it does not matter if it is your boo, friend with benefit, or some random hookup.

Making out time for that is also a memorable way to celebrate the day.

In achieving that, you can leave your house and lodge in a luxury hotel if you can afford it.

How do you have that good sex? Try out different positions.


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