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How to make your own pearl cluster necklace

Pearls are one of the most iconic elements of jewellery, and they’ve withstood the fashion trends. Versatile, classy and feminine: What more do you need? Learn to make a DIY pearl cluster necklace that exudes all of these qualities.

A pearl cluster necklace pairs well with just about anything in your closet. Dress one up with a classic little black dress, or go edgy with some leather. Either way, once you’ve finished this DIY you’ll end up with a piece of jewellery that you’ll wear for a long time. After all, pearls never go out of style!

How to make your own pearl cluster necklace

Materials you need: pearl beads of various sizes with a hole in each that goes all the way through the bead, gold-head pins, needle-nose pliers, wire cutters and a ribbon of any colour and width.

How to make your own pearl cluster necklace

  1. Start . preparing all the pearl beads. Stick a gold head . through each pearl.
  2. Using the needle-nose pliers, twist the extra wire around so that you’ve created a hook.
  3. Trim the extra wire with wire cutters. Make sure the hook is big enough so that it will slide on the ribbon of your choice. Repeat for all the pearls that will go on your necklace.

How to make your own pearl cluster necklace4. Once you have all the pearls ready, it’s time to start stringing them on the ribbon. A ribbon is a good combination for a pearl necklace because it’s easy to tie, adds some colour and creates a beautiful bow in the back. Alternate between sizes of pearls so you create a nice cluster look. Depending on the thickness of your ribbon, you may need to fold the ribbon so it fits through the pearl hook. String as many beads as you want for your necklace. Once you’re satisfied, tie the ribbon around your neck!

Don’t forget to proudly rock your new pearl cluster necklace with other pearl jewellery for an overall classy and refined look!


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