How To: Man Braids || Braids For Men || Braided Man Bun


In today’s video I will be showing y’all how I braided my clients hair for his man bun. This is not a tutorial, more like just watching me work! THUMBS UP …


  1. I wonder do you get the taper around the edges first or did she braid his hair first, does anybody know? I had this African Lady tell me that I would need to cut of all of the hair on both sides of my head and only keep hair in the middle to get this particular style.

  2. I need who pull this off for me, but I dont want a bun. I want an additional braid on each side of my head. My hair isnt quite as long as the model in the video so I am going what another month or so. I have been researching designs for the last 6 months and this is my favorite. A look that is professional and stylish. Not too extravagant. Perfect.


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