How to relax and set the human hair 

This is the process of applying relaxer to the human hair to make it soft easy to comb and to improve it’s texture

Materials Needed In Relaxing And Setting The Human Hair:

1. Hair relaxer (any type)

2. Comb

3. Hair shampoo

4. Hair conditioner

5. Setting lotion

6. Hot water

7. Rollers

8. Rolling pin

9. Dryer

10. Towel


1. Place the towel on the neck of the customer

2. Part or divide the natural hair into two or three places

3. Apply hair relaxer to the human hair

4. Massage

5. Comb the hair after massaging

6. Leave for about five minutes

7. With the help of a shampoo make use of the warm water to wash the relaxer from the hair

*If the hair is dirty make use of the shampoo twice

8. Apply hair conditioner to the hair

9. Massage the hair and leave for 2-3 minutes

10. Rinse with warm water

11. Clean with a dry towel

12. Apply setting lotion to the hair

13. comb the hair from the front to the back

14. Part the hair and comb straight

15. Apply the hair to the rollers then make use of the rolling pin to make it stay

16. When through with the rolling make use of the drier and leave for about 30 to 40 minutes

17. Remove the rollers from the hair

18. Apply hair cream to the hair

19. Comb and style the hair

Now we have seen the process of how to relax and set the human hair

Generally the human hair (A typical Nigerian hair) should be relaxed every 3 months but this may vary from one individual to the other based on differences in hair type

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