If you live in a city where smartphones can be found on every hand, chances are high the “working ladies” of your city are out hunting on social media too, most notably Instagram. Here are some quick tips on how you might be able to tell who has an agenda for your pocket.

1. Overly sexualized pictures

Working girls have a product to sell by the way of their bodies, and to do that, they need to advertise. This is not to say normal ladies are not prone to taking pride in their sexuality, but when the sole purpose of multiple photographs is to arouse attention, that can be seen as a warning bell.

2. Few friends present, mostly in club scenes

Working girls are usually friends with “co-workers” and hence more likely to appear with them in pictures. As you might have guessed, nightclubs are perfect for attracting men considering that men are usually both horny and drunk in clubs and hence easier to attract. Unlike regular Instagram pages that will show ladies having regular fun with their friends, working girls just take…well…working photos.

3. No work or school . pictures

The famous #workflow photos are probably only in competition with #churchflow photos on Instagram. If you discount the nightclub photos as mentioned above, working girls do not offer any work or school . pictures because their line of work doesn’t exactly accommodate offices that require official fashion.

4. . lacking in depth

This one is often the deciding factor when all else has failed. If you can scroll through her pictures and find not even a single comment conversation that displays a level of familiarity that is organic and authentic, chances are very high you are looking at a working woman. 


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