How to style maxi denim skirts


Maxi denim skirts are back with are bang.These full-length skirts were the vogue in the 1970s especially by women with very strict religious observances.

In the streets of Kenya today, you will notice both young and older women rocking these long jean skirts.Needless to say, they look amazing. This trendy style is here to stay.

Belowย  are 5 ways to style and revamp these skirts for every fashionista:

1.White t-shirt

A simple jean skirt and a white t shirt is the perfect casual ensemble.One can spice up this look by adding accessories .A belt will really come in handy in giving you that cinched waist.

You have to be picky on the fabric of the tee as it can make a world difference to your overall look. Wear this with your favorite flip-flops,flats or a pair of heels.

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2.Leather jackets

A black leather jacket can do wonders to any attire.Pairing the two together changes the final outlook completely.You can choose to rock some simple sandals with this look and a headscarf just cause you can!


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3.Off-Shoulder tops

These tops are all over the streets in Kenya, going for at least 200 Ksh. Not to exaggerate, most people are opting to even wear them on a daily basis.They are simply chic and trendy.

Pair your maxi denim skirt with your favorite off-shoulder. Adding a head-wrap,necklace and earrings really transforms the final attire.

Denim Button Down High Waist Maxi Skirt

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4.Denim on denim

I know this would be really confusing to the eyes but denim on denim is the new new.This style is for the bold at heart. For a better final touch,keep your denim clothes close so you can mix and match them.One can pair this look with a bright popping heel.

The shade of lipstick you will use will also help break the pattern.Choose a bold lippie and go run the world!

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Its the cold season so pairing your favorite sweater with a full length skirt can be very flattering.The denim skirt should preferably have a slit and should be the perfect fit.Fur sweaters are the most sought after for this look but any sweater would do especially if it flatters your body.


Anybody can rock these maxi skirts and still look flattering .The kind of shoe one pairs with them is solely based on preference and comfort.Now all you need is confidence and a few pairs of maxi denim skirts and you will be good to go!



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