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How To Take Care Of Your Underwear

A woman’s body is very delicate and when it comes to how to take care of your underwear it must be done with uttermost care.\"how\"how

Ladies are open to infections if they do not take proper care of these undergarments. Experiencing itching or any discomfort whenever you put on your underwear, then may you are doing something wrong. So here is how to take care of your underwear;
Avoid Bleaching
Do not bleach your underwear because the residue of the chemical might latch onto your underwear and lead to one infection or the other. Simply use cold water and detergent to wash your undergarment.
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Wash Frequency
This is one of the key ways when it comes to how to take care of your underwear. Wash each and every time you use it. From your bras to your panties etc. Ensure you wash them frequently.
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How you store your underwear is very important. Try not to store your underwear in the same place you store your clothes. Have a separate bag for them. This will make them last longer and always have a certain freshness attached to them.\"underwear\"


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