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How To Tell Your Partner To Lose Some Weight

No matter how good your intentions are, telling your partner they need to lose some weight can be a very dangerous zone to enter. In fact, do it wrong and your relationship may take a massive hit. It could take a long time if ever, to recover.

Why is that so? Well, you may think all you’re doing is telling someone you love to get healthy. In your mind, you see it as a loving gesture. But on your partner’s end, all he hears is criticism about his looks. Depending on how secure he feels, he may even interpret it as you not loving him anymore. Then he gets defensive. Then you get defensive. Then the drama starts.

So if something as simple as “honey, you look like you’re gaining some weight,” can be such a loaded sentence, should you just ignore it then? Do you hope they realize it on their own? Or is there a polite way to let them see you’re simply worried about their health?

lose some weight

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How you can encourage your partner to shed the extra weight

There are a couple of things you can do to help your partner see where you’re going with this.

Be a team

What does a person have to do to lose weight? Eat healthy and exercise. The good news is that no matter how in-shape you are, you’ll benefit from this as well. So how about you and bae switch things up and lead healthier lifestyles. Join the #fitfam family. Quit junk food together. Join a gym. So rather than tell him he has to make a change, make it a ‘we’ thing. You cannot gorge on chocolates and sweets while pointing the finger and calling someone else unhealthy.

Go positive

When you tell someone they are fat, it comes off as an attack, something negative. But if you keep things positive while focusing on yourself, you just may get a more understanding .. For example, you can try saying, “I love you just the way you are and I want you around for a long time for me, so you might want to eat healthier food.” So rather than criticize their choices, you’re focusing on how they make you feel. And people who love you naturally pay attention to your feelings.

lose some weight

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Finally, keep in mind that your partner should want to change for himself and not to please you. All you can do is encourage and be on his side. But it will be crossing a line if you start becoming abusive or threatening to walk because he does not look how you want him to.

So, say your piece, be on his side and hopefully, that’s enough to get you both on a healthier path.

For starters, you can both adopt these small habits that will help you lose weight.

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